About us

Comedy Manifesto

The Lucky Cat Comedy Room under the Village Lantern is a fun and eventful comedy room located in Greenwich Village. It has operated in different capacities for over Ten years. The room was founded by Jon Viener (The Family Guy) and Josh Weinstein (A Beautiful Mind) as a fun, respectful place for the comic community to gather, cooperate, and put on shows. The list of successful comics that have entered the room is enormous and remarkable. Some of today’s best comics got their starts under The Lantern!

Although the comedy room has always been treated with a sense of laissez faire since its inception, it’s important to reiterate some of the core principles that guided the room’s founding. The show room has always been affordable. In order to make it a home for comedians at all stops of their career, staff has always demonstrated a heart for the artist. Prices are as low as possible within Downtown Manhattan; in fact, there is now a $5 menu strictly for the comedy room that includes drinks and food items. The room is always supportive of artists. Freedom of expression and respect for the art has always been the bedrock of the room’s operation. A sense of community and the DIY attitude of the artist quite literally built this room. The same attitude is found within the comedians, producers, and staff of Lucky Cat Comedy and Village Lantern before that. It’s a weird place, but in a beautiful and creative way. We want to keep it this way forever. We will continue to treat people fairly and respectfully. For that reason, Lucky Cat Comedy will never charge comics to get on a microphone. We don’t exploit artists here, but we pay our rent and other expenses by selling food and beverages for a profit. For that reason we will always have minimum sales demands from our guests, including comics, but we will always strive to keep prices reasonable.

This is not a clip joint trying to take advantage of people: never has been, never will be. Thanks for your time and continued patronage!!!